Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just Need a Cot to Sleep On

Usually I wake up whenever the generator gets cut on at our Petionville apartment but today the sun and about 80 other people getting up at the same time did the trick. Of course this was at about 5:45 in the morning. Today is my first full day working in Leogane.

The extent of damage in this community is fairly severe (approximately 90% of buildings here are destroyed or in need of repair) so coming upon accommodations is fairly tricky. So for the sake of comparison allow me to illustrate the difference in sleeping arrangements using the pictures above and below.

Really I just need a cot to sleep on and a mosquito net to avoid malaria (as well as lymphatic filariasis) so I'm glad that I was able to be hosted here for a few days by Hands On Disaster Response. I'm sure we'll be working on a bit more furnished accommodations down the road though.

P.S. You can probably tell that photography isn't one of my core skills.

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